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How To Increase Website Traffic – Blog Commenting

Discussion in 'Social Media Marketing' started by journeyoflife7, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. journeyoflife7

    journeyoflife7 New Member

    How To Increase Website Traffic – Blog Commenting

    You can comment on blogs to get more traffic. Leave a worthy comment on a famous blog that is related to your very own. Make sure the comment is keyword rich. A keyword rich comment will attract attention. This method will give you a high chance of driving traffic to your own website.

    Use Google to find blogs or websites related to your own. Also type in keywords related to your blog on article sites such as ezinearticles. You can find articles along with links to other websites that people in your niche are trying to promote. This is another way of finding websites in your niche.

    Make sure you find blogs that have quality content and high traffic. The more traffic coming to the blog, the more chance you have to drive it to your own website. Try and find a website that isn’t stuffed with comments. Otherwise, it will be hard for your link to get noticed.

    A good idea to get attention is to ask questions. Take some time to think of thought provoking questions. Anything that will get some conversation going. Do what it takes to grab people’s attention! Lure people to interact and you can lead some to your link.

    If you use keyword rich comments, the blog owners will love it. The more keyword rich blog content, the better SEO. Web crawlers will take notice of this! So there is a benefit for the blog owner too!

    Cheers to you, and happy commenting!
  2. tryangle

    tryangle New Member

    I recently happened to hear about the "Yahoo Answers", and earning through this!

    Can I know what is its significance??? And the process to follow!!!!
  3. wilsontom

    wilsontom Banned

    thanks for your valuable information.
  4. Rogerjames

    Rogerjames New Member

    You can increase the traffic by the of social network sites likes Facebook and twitter .
  5. mialuzzatto

    mialuzzatto New Member

  6. arkasoftwares

    arkasoftwares New Member

    very informative post! Forum Commenting and discussions are very helpful if you want more more traffic on your website. Take help from a digital marketing company to do this task for you in a professional way.
  7. Aadolf Acton

    Aadolf Acton New Member

    oh nice informative post thanks for sharing .....

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