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New ways to increase keyword ranking in SERP

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by couponsgrid, Jun 4, 2014.

  1. couponsgrid

    couponsgrid New Member


    I had been asking this question to almost everyone, as from past few months my keywords are going down and down and i am unable to figure out the best way to increase my keyword ranking. I am doing bookmarking, blogs and articles. but still there are now effects on my keywords they are continuously falling down.

    My few keywords are ranking on 1st page in Google and more than other are lagging behind in 3rd and 4th and so on...

    i am worried about how to increase my keyword ranking..please share any relevant information or link.

  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    What you are trying to do is so old and you may have been impacted by latest Panda as well. Check your Google Webmaster to see if you have links to sites that you should be removing and try getting rid of those links.

    If links are not an issue for you then you need to see if quality of content is right on your site. If both are ok then you have to see if your competitor is doing things which is sliding your ranking southward.
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  3. couponsgrid

    couponsgrid New Member

    Shabbir, thanks for sharing, but still my question remain the same "WHAT TO DO????" and no, luckily i just skipped away from panda update...
  4. sofhiathomas

    sofhiathomas New Member

    Keep a check on not to repeat the same anchor text several times in different sites where you have submitted links. As using the same anchor text in several sites causes spam. Post content which adheres to keyword density.
  5. couponsgrid

    couponsgrid New Member

    thanks sofhiathomas

    this is really valuable information, i had constantly been targeting my single keywords like Myntra Coupon Codes and after so much hard work it still were lying at single place. can you please suggest me what keywords i must use. my website link is couponsgrid.in
  6. sofhiathomas

    sofhiathomas New Member

    You can make use of Google keyword analysis tool. Check the competition of keywords according to your genre and sort them to use for optimization.
  7. arold10

    arold10 New Member

    Well, having been in that same type of situation as you. Based on my own experience, I think that it's one of the worst situation that you can find yourself in. When you believe that you are doing everything right at the same you are experiencing a continuous drop of your ranking. I am sure that you regularly check your keyword ranking position in the search results. If you have been hit by an update it's conceivable that your site is not going to be the only one that is affected. If you see other sites are losing their ranking this is evidence that you are the one whose site is affected.

    But, if you realize that your competitors are doing much better than you, this denotes you are being outranked by them.
  8. riyaz123

    riyaz123 Banned

    Well, writing perfect unique and informative content is only a new way of promoting website.
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  9. webanu

    webanu New Member

    I think only you maintain quality of the content, that automatically bring your keywords top most.
  10. tpraja

    tpraja New Member

    disavow tool your backlinks in webmaster tool and get quality backlinks
  11. SunilC

    SunilC New Member

    Disavow to increase backlinks. Can you explain how?
  12. bhupirana79

    bhupirana79 New Member

    Four Tips to Improve Your Ranking in the SERPs are:-

    1. Proper Page Titles
    2. Optimized Permalink Structure
    3. Include Quality Content on Your Site
    4. Meta Description.
  13. Tekmerica

    Tekmerica New Member

    Quite Interesting Question...Well I Read it...I need One Suggestion I am Targeting Best SEO Company Chicago Keyword for One Website and I got ranked in Yahoo and Bing But Still that Keyword is on 150 Position in Google So all of you Please Give me Suggestions What I need to do for Get Rank in Google.com..You can See that Keyword is On 1st page of Yahoo and Bing.com
  14. lancebachmann

    lancebachmann New Member

    Check Google Webmasters for any message from Google. also use third party sites avaiable for Panda/Penguin Check and using your analytics data some of these sites will provide you a trend chart that will help you in knowing when your traffic gets down. Accordingly see the updates which was released that time and if you receive any message, check your links and fix them by removing old spam link. What-ever activities you are doing is OK but don`t do them in excessive as that would be one of the reason of spam too. Update your Metas, rewrite content of the pages make them more interactive.. use synonyms. you will see the change. Keep focus on Brand Name...
  15. konnectrix

    konnectrix New Member

    Through blog commenting and blog creation with unique content we can increase keyword ranking to our website.
  16. redmuppet

    redmuppet New Member

    Write unique content and submit that on the quality sites by taking dofollow backlink building. To increase the traffic keyword ranking is one of the best part while doing seo.
  17. johnniewalk

    johnniewalk New Member

    Check your on page content weather you content has been copied by some other company websites or not and one more thing this ranking drop happened when google update a algorithm or what
  18. xenelsoft

    xenelsoft New Member

    You can also do: -
    1. PPT, PDF & Video Submissions.
    2. Press Releases
    3. Guestographics
    4. Content Curation
    5. Yahoo Answering
  19. tutorsweb

    tutorsweb New Member

    Try to use long tail keyword which has less competition and more searches. For high competition keywords its hard to get good keyword ranking to our website so it's easy for low competition keyword.

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