Implementing a 'Trial Period'

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I am coming to the point where I am thinking about putting my software on download sites in an attempt to sell it via the familiar 30 day free trial period method.

I guess this involves storing the installation date on the target machine either in the registry or in a small file somewhere.

I wondered if anyone out there has any experiences they would like to share on this subject or any suggestions or comments they think I would find useful.

Thanks in advance for any replies.

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The best thing you can do is as follows:

Have an encrypted string of the installation date in some ini file or in some registry.
Check the date at the time of launching and see if the trial period is valid.

If valid allow the user to use the application.

Also you can have some thing like the amount of days after which trial period expires also in the registry/ini and so you can allow multiple trials for the software before they purchase.