image loading takes more time,at the time of grid binding

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I have an aspx page with a datagrid which I am using to
display a list of thumbnails. The
thumbnails are sitting on my harddrive and the links to
them are stored in an Access database.
I have placed an 'Img' tag in a template column in the
datagrid and as the grid loads the 'src' property of
the image is filled from the database.
The page contain more than 300 images.
Everything is fine but when I try to run
the page on a remote computer,it is so slow.
Page loading take more time.
how to speed up the page loading.
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Is this your introduction ?

You should post your queries in the Queries And Discussion section.
BTW, you are asking to speed up a page that has 300 images !?!
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Moved to web development forum and if you think 300 images would become faster I guess you need to make them something like things discussed in

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