iframes with PHP content are invalid ?

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I have an iframe in my home page (index.php) . The iframe src is a PHP page(start.php). The user may link to another topic, this will load in page2.php to the iframe (or page3,4 etc.).
All this works fine and passes HTML validation checks.
When I try to get the home page through accessibility checks it fails.
The complaint (6.2) is that the iframe src must be an HTML page.
If I set the src to an HTML page it passes.
But I am doing PHP stuff in start.php and an HTML page will not do.
The only thing I can think of is to set the iframe src to an HTML page which has no content but has a refresh with zero timeout to my PHP page.
Any better suggestions or comments.
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i think that PHP works with IFrames with no problems

but if so , use AJAX