Best IDE for Web Development

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Hello there . Please could you tell me what IDEs are considered to be top IDEs for web development mainly for PHP ?
Thanks in advance!!!
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I love Codelobster PHP Edition
It is very cute free PHP IDE.
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Aptana Studio is another good one with FTP support builtin and other good plugins/utilities.
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NetBeans can be considered
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had used it for around 4 years and still the best in my list

2nd place for netbeans
i had to cut down marks from this a lot because of the unnecessary complexity and the SLOWness
but its intelli is better than DW
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Hello...well I think following are best IDEs for PHP web development:

Codelobster PHP Edition
Eclipse PDT
Komodo ActiveState
NuSphere PhpED

Dreamweaver and netbeans are best of them.
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Eclipse isn't too shabby, but I prefer Notepad++ using plugins, Sublime, or good old VIM!
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It depends on the operating system you are using.