I wanna know the differences between C++ n JAVA!

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I have started learning JAVA just now... I know nothing more than few simple programs in JAVA n the information that it is a very popular language...... But as i write the program, i find it very lengthy n difficult than C++.... So i just want to know what is it in JAVA that is so special...? What makes it a very popular language? How is it different from C++ in a better way?
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There is actually no similarity apart from the fact that both are termed as OO languages.

One of the article which I think you should read is Inheritance In C++ Vs Java
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Differences between C++ and Java are ---
1.In C++ there is use of pointer whereas in Java pointer is not used
2. Java does not directly support Multiple inheritance (use interface) where as C++ support
3. Java is pure Object oriented language where as C++ is not
4. Java is more Secure and robust then C++.
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No Java is not pure OO language as far as I know.

Again Robustness depends on programming and not on language. You can say as C++ has pointers it is more prone to user errors than Java.