how do I make text marque?

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What I want to do is make the text marque inside a fixed width div. I was thinking that I should get the element by id, get its height, and width. determine the inner divs height and width. Since the inner div would be clipped from view by the parent div because I'd use overflow: hidden; in the css rule for it. Then I would += the inner divs top value until the bottom reaches the top and then reset it so it flows smoothly. Would anyone know how to implement this? I suck at javascript animations but I'd like to stop on mouse over and resume on mouseout.
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How do intend to reset it smoothly. i ask because i imagine when you reset somehow the change will be visible to user. Instead you could try to define inner boxs with relative postion. When animation plays check if the bottom for first item has reach the top border and then move it to the bottom this way you could have a continous animation.
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What is text marque..??? meet again.
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dude you thnk about using the jscrpt animation or the common html marquee?
it you juzt need to post something you can always use <marquee></marquee>
if you want beyond that well you need jscript
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<marquee></marquee> does not behave rightly in all browser.