What should i go with?

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I have been working on the contents for my new website,

about: i have been working in call centers since past 4 years, i am at the post of manager now.

i have worked in almost all the companies in mumbai. so i have information and inner agents in all of the companies. I know that the material would be exclusive and updated.

what m i confused about?
what should i use?, should it be a blog, joomla, something etc. etc.

suggest something. Thanks.
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Depends on the type of content you have but I prefer blog and specially wordpress because its more SEO friendly
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Blog sounds like it would solve your problem. Going with joomla means that your installing an entire infrastructure so it might not be the prettiest way of solving your issue.
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Wordpress does not have a strong directory-type of structure, which is what it seems you would like to build.
Give Joomla + Mosets Tree a look. Mosets Tree builds a very robust directory very simply. Plus you can have ads, pay for premium placement, etc.. It is not free but for the price it will save you hundreds of hours of trying to build something like it.
I don't work for them, I just use it on one of my sites and love it.