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What if I do not do social bookmarking ?

Discussion in 'Search Engine Optimization (SEO)' started by rajkumar12, Jan 8, 2013.

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  1. rajkumar12

    rajkumar12 Banned

    There are experts out there who claim that they managed to get their keyword rank in first page without doing social bookmarking. I learned that social bookmarking is the most important and must do technique in off page optimization. So is it possible that your keyword can get ranked in first page of Google without doing social bookmarking at all ? Have you ever tried it ?:confused:
  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    Yes it can if keyword is not very competitive.
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  3. neeraj_77

    neeraj_77 New Member

    Social Bookmarking is used by millions of people around the world. By bookmarking you automatically get access to the large volume of traffic coming to these sites. So I think it is must.
  4. imran7777

    imran7777 New Member

    Hi ,in search engine optimization without doing social bookmarking ,its very difficlt or may be you cant reached on your goal,so its very important.
  5. Jones123

    Jones123 New Member

    Without Social Bookmarking it is very difficult to get ranking of your keyword,you have to do Social Bookmarking and when you do social bookmarking please take care of theme that when you submit a link.
  6. chipcleaners

    chipcleaners New Member

    You should do bookmarking if you changes in content that you want submit in every 3rd social bookmaking site. Other wise you will be penalized by Google.

    Other thing with article posting you get permanent ranking. I am not agree all of those who say without social bookmarking not achieve first position.
  7. johnmartin

    johnmartin Banned

    Yes...SBM is necessary ...but over submission may causes your keyword .
  8. doublejm1

    doublejm1 New Member

    The thought of social bookmarking had never even crossed my mind. Guess I'll have to include it in my internet marketing arsenal from here on out.
  9. johnkennedy

    johnkennedy New Member

    Social bookmarking is the easiest way to get indexed in search engines and to get huge traffic. It helps in improving ranking of a web site in search engines.
  10. soppnoxin

    soppnoxin New Member

    By doing social bookmarking you will get quick keyword ranking so more important to do it.
  11. sduggal

    sduggal New Member

    Social Bookmarking is advertising your site links in social media sites and it is very necessary as it gives us approval at the time of submission which helps us greatly to increase our ranking. You can also make your group and share your link in your group which also helps in increasing your ranking. So I think that Social Bookmarking is very necessary to come on first page and you should not miss it at any cost.
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