I need SEO work

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I need some SEO work done for my website blazzegames.com i want my website (5000 visitors/ Day from UK ) & top on Uk yahoo,live,Google

Looking for an individual/ freelancer Team/ company who specializes in SEO,send your work plan,amount,duration and previous sample .

Liam john,
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Hi Liam,

I'm Mary from Teamcreatives...

Just want to check if you still need SEO..

We offer web design, development and SEO..

if in case you still need, and reconsider us, please let me know...Just PM me..

Hoping to hear from you soon^^;

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You can offer your services on webmaster web sites, most have to develop a reputation with a post history and free/discounted samples with the promise of reviews. Competition may be remarkably cheap crews.
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i think you can ask for black hat seo.... it is the best idea to increase your site traffic!!!!
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webmaster sites are really good.
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I have 5 years experience in SEO. I had completed lot of SEO projects. I did work on almost all categories related projects.