How do I send a virus on Microsoft Word through email?

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How do I send a virus on Microsoft Word through email? I need to send a Word document but when this document is opened I need it not to be able to read, does anybody know anything that will make the computer crash or just close the doc. I am hoping the recipient’s emails virus protector will catch it so it wont be opened but just in case it is opened I need my doc not to be read.
Something easy I don’t have any experience in code. Thank you so much
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I'll tell you something very easy....
Its as simple as 1...2..3..

1)Write "VIRUS" in .doc file
2) Open your email account
3) Attach it and send it...

People think hacking is some stupid thing which anyone can do or what?
i have been going through hacking and other stuff from past 2 weeks or so, and i still know nothing compared to what one should know to even do a descent ethical hacking. Its an Art dude!

Grow up! Else the virus in your head will crash you someday!!
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you are correct dude....
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ya good idea
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Know what you can do.
Ever thought of writing a virus using macro? Read up on that, might help you to code a proper macro virus...