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do i need to redesign my webstie????

Discussion in 'Internet Marketing' started by johnbblack423, May 30, 2012.

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  1. johnbblack423

    johnbblack423 New Member

    I have been working on this website since last one year.. i have already make a site for an seo friendly but it seems like something is missing so...

    if i am targeting web design for esparkinfo.com home page so should i need to do some on page changes with design...

    kindly support me & guide me for that ranking...

  2. ozsubasi

    ozsubasi New Member

    I'm not qualified to comment on web design, but I noticed something on your site which may be of help in terms of generating enquiries.
    On the home page you give the company location as Texas, and there is a Texas address on your contact page but I think you are actually in India and others may be confused by this too. The problem is that the English text is not very good, you could do with someone to rewrite it for you partly because anyone reading it now would think it strange that a company based in Texas does not write with good English but also because it would be more professional anyway wherever the company is based.
  3. johnbblack423

    johnbblack423 New Member

    hey thanks for your prompt reply i will do add better content for the same...
  4. Alex.Gabriel

    Alex.Gabriel New Member

    @ozsubasi IN can be INDIANAPOLIS , US/INDIANA .

    @johnbblack423 : Your website looks great. Usualy a web designer uses his website as a business card. And your's looks great.
  5. ozsubasi

    ozsubasi New Member

    Maybe it can be but it isn't in this case. The office location is given on the "About Us" page as being Ahmedabad, Gujarat, West India.
  6. gyanibell

    gyanibell New Member

    The design is very eye catching. I will give you 10 on 10 for design... Good luck for your business.
  7. Miguelo

    Miguelo New Member


    I think your design are very good. The website looks like fantastic.

    On other hand, I think you could include the atribute "title" in yours links with some keywords if you want to increase the rate of these keywords, and also you could include more keywords in the attribute "alt" and in the attribute "title" in your images.

  8. johnbblack423

    johnbblack423 New Member

    Thanks gyanibell, thanks for your comment...

    ohhh that is one of the reason why people might get not put that much inquiry for the same.

    thanks for guiding me on this direction.....

    wow... this is really a good one... very good tips... i will do changes according to your guidance...

    Thanks to ALL.... :)
  9. ozsubasi

    ozsubasi New Member

    The OP seems satisfied with the responses, therefore this thread is closed.
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