I think my msn is being traced, how do I check and stop it?

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I think my msn is being traced because everytime I log into msn this file called "Tracing" appears and the file in it always says 0 bytes and is called this:

and its called a UCCAPILOG File

I delete it everynight but it appears the next time I log in, how do I get rid of it and how do I find out where/if it is tracing? Can anyone help me? Please?
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That maybe a keylogger is installed on your computer, do a virus scan and check.
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have you people not heard of google?
this is no keylogger. it is a legitimate file!


UCCAPILOG file suffix is associated with Windows Live Messenger IM client developed by Microsoft. File contains UCC (Unified Communications Client) API log.

With the Unified Communications application the user can:

* Make audio and video calls, including computer-to-computer, computer-to-phone, and phone-to-phone calls.
* Organize or join a meeting with a group of users.
* Collaborate with each other through instant messaging (IM).

Unified Communications Client API provides a flexible publication and subscription framework for distributing and accessing presence and other user information. The presence information provides a user with knowledge of the availability and capability of the user's contacts in real time, which helps the user make an informed decision as to if, when, and how to communicate with a contact. For example, a user can choose to send an e-mail message, instead of placing a voice call, to a contact that is shown to be in a meeting. Similarly, a user can have incoming calls routed to a home number or to voice mail. A user can also maintain privacy by blocking callers from accessing presence information.

Another example of real-time Unified Communications is a business application with a corporate-deployed presence service that tracks traveling field agents. With presence information, headquarters can locate the field agents and maintain contact with voice and video sessions. Calls placed through a computer with presence information can minimize missed calls.
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obviously you're not alone,many people have that file/folder. So you can have an idea go to:

good luck and remember,if you don't know what it is,do NOT delete it ok.