I have a method to hack my school's computers. How am I doing it?

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Okay, so at my school the student's accounts on the computers have very limited access. We don't have access to the C:, the Control Panel, CMD, etc. The computers' OS is Windows XP. Although I have no intention of doing anything harmful to anyone, I do like to have control over the computer. So I started researching how to hack school computers. After hours of searching, I managed to put together a hacking method that works at my school. Here's how I do it:

1. Using Notepad, I create a batch file that starts cmd in my student drive (by writing command.com and saving it as a .bat file on my student drive.)

2. I open the batch file. Next, I create a scheduled task. Assuming the time on the computer was 12:00, I would type "at 12:01 /interactive cmd.exe.

4. At 12:01 a new Command Prompt window appears. I am now in the C: drive.

5. I open the task manager by typing "taskmgr" in the Command Line. (I'm unable to start it any other way, not even if I try to start it from the command line in my student drive)

6. I end the "explorer.exe" process in the Task Manager.

7. Back in the command line, I type "explorer.exe", which restarts Windows Explorer.

8. I am now the SYSTEM user and have total access on the computer.

So that's how I do it. I'm just curious how exactly my method works. How come I can't get to the C: drive from the command prompt window in my student drive, but yet from this same window I can start a scheduled task which opens a command prompt window in the C:? And how does ending explorer.exe and starting it up again magically make me the SYSTEM user? Also, is there a way I could run the whole method automatically from a batch file?

For the record, I have no real interest in hacking the schools' computers. I'm really just interested in learning a little more about how Windows and the Command Prompt works, and how to make batch files. I know I'm kinda asking for a lot so any answer is greatly appreciated!
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I don't think this method can take effect in Vista or Windows 7.
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haha what about mac lol
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but i'm a windows user vista