I need help writing this simple C++ function.

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Hi everyone, I need your help to write this C++ function. Every month corresponds to a number. I need the function to return the value for the month.

For example, user input month as MM (i.e. aug is 08)

jan returns 0, feb 3, mar returns 3 and so on.

how do I do this?

This is what I've got so far:

Function Prototype:

int monthValue(int month)
//returns a certain value for every month

Function Definition:

int monthValue(month, year)


What should I do in the function definition/body?

Here is the full list of values

int jan(0), , feb(3), mar(3), apr(6), may(1), jun(4), jul(6), aug(2), sep(5), oct(0), nov(3), dec(5);
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Unless there is some logic (Which I cannot get from your post) just add Switch Case for each input
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There are lots of ways to do it. Here's one.
int monthValue(int month,int year)
  if (month==2 && is_leap_year(year))
    // you didn't say what value to return here
    // drop this block if leap years are handled elsewhere
    // but the fact that year is passed in suggests they're not
  else return month["0033614625035"]-'0';