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I Need Help With Hacking!

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by robakku, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. robakku

    robakku New Member

    hi um' i need help hacking someones profile
    the problem is i don't know how.
    c it goes like this.

    i think my boyfriend is cheating on me.
    and i wanna hack into his bebo to c what he's up 2.
    can anyone help.

    all i know is his username...
    is there anyway i can hack his profile and find out his password?
    plus his profiles on private.

  2. agent_decrypt

    agent_decrypt New Member

    yes u can, but 1st u shud understand following things.

    First of all check these.

    1)Where does he stays?
    2)Can u access his PC? (Physically or remotely)
    3)He trusts u?
    4)He tells u everything?
    5)And what kind of relationship ur in? Just TP or serious?

    the best thing wud b

    or else

    u can fool him easily.

    1) just send him phishing page where he will enter his private data such as username/password. (I hope u know what is phishing n how 2 do that)


    2)If u physical get access to his PC, install a keylogger(Ardamax or Perfect keylogger) on his PC and configure it such that it will send each and every report(Keystrokes and screenshots of his screen) to ur mail ID.


    3)Use trojans/backdoors to get remote access to his PC.

    If u ask me, ill go for 3rd method i.e, Trojans/Backdoors
    i think its d best.

    phishing is very weak, as nowadays few people r getting phished.

    2nd method i.e, keylogger is also good but u require patience n uill have 2 check each n every e-mail.

    Go 4 3rd method.

    being a social engineer is not so easy and is very tedious process, as u shud have a lot of patience and uill have 2 build ur trust around him.

    I hope ur familiar with all these terms (Phishing, social engineers, trojans/backdoors, keyloggers)
    If not, then soory, cant explain each n everything in details.

    Information about the above topics is der on our forums.
    Go n read them.



    *sorry for my bad english*
    as im alone handling 5 projects (VB, MIS, IS, ASP, SQL Connectivity) at a time, so i dun get much time, i wrote this in hurry. :cryin:
  3. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    I qot one question now its not just you but am i the only one ever seeing this. Almost every site that has to be involved with hacking you allways see I think so n so is cheating on me can u help me hack his myspace to see what hes up to.

    First of all if you think hes / shes cheating on you then you need to confront them in a mature manner. You being sneaky and accessing his private information without his knowledge and him / she finding out about it you can get in trouble for it.

    i dunno if its just me or not
  4. P455w0rd_Cr4kz

    P455w0rd_Cr4kz New Member

    Well of course nobody will come up str8 and say "i'm nosy" and i want to check the mails. However this has been going for ever. Some people will never learn..lol
  5. kunals

    kunals New Member

    its not just you dood, its me too
    they always do that!! most of the time they are lying.
  6. microapple

    microapple Banned

    I agree that this is not the right approach. I'm sorry if this is totally wrong, but this person could be some 12 year old kid in his basement trying to hack into someones whatever account. I mean, ok if this whole scenario is legit, I really don't think you should try to access his private data, and if you've come down to trying this - hacking - I really don't think this is the person for you. Apparently everyone thinks that hackers are you know stupid, but we're not going to fall for every sad relationship story people throw at us. If this claim is legit or not I don't think this is a good idea.
    Sorry for putting this so harshly, but this is how I feel
  7. XXxxImmortalxxXX

    XXxxImmortalxxXX New Member

    yea thats great you see its what you think

    and the problem in america now is is that ppl are scared or worried to say what they think to the public in which if i do recall in the declaration of independence we have the right to express our oppionions to the goverment in a nice way.

    but there all like well even if we do say something it doesnt even matter its not like there gonna do something about it anyways. And thats the downfall that we have came to it just doesn't matter. But even tho our words become just some voice in the air that means nothing it means something to someone and that someone will do something about it.

    I have no idea where this all came from i just felt like typing it lol. But dont ever be scared to say what you want to say not matter what the secnario is

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