I need help with confirming validity of screenshots. NO hacking involved.

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Hello, i am not looking for someone to hack anyone or anything like that. My friend is making accusations that the cops have hacked into my profile. He said that he traced the IP address to a land line telephone number and he called it and it was the cops number. I told him i dont believe u, so he said he would prove it to me. He sent me screenshots of some hacking program. Obviously, i dont understand hacking and programming, so i wouldnt be able to tell whether its legit or fabricated. Can anyone help me? i can send you the screenshots and tell me whether it could be fabricated or if its true. I live in Kuwait so things work a bit differently here. I'm really freaking out and he wont tell me if its bullshit or not. He said that he developed his own hacking program. Is that even possible?
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That is possible, except hes not hacking anything, you can actually download IP tracing programs legally. Also, they will only work if the PoPo imported a file or visited your Internet, I recommend downloading a Proxy server anyways.

Probation Officer's
Federal Agents
Those are the only people I know of that can get away with something like that.

Either way your friend is full of shit.
I would like to look at those screenshots send me a private message.

I am not responsible for any damage you may cause to your computer or anyone else's
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hey ... im new to this whole forum thing. i asked to befriend you, but other than that im not sure how to send you a private message. id really really appreciate it if u could take a look at those sreenshots. can you send me a private message?