i need help with cmake, BISON and FLEX, i am willing to pay

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i need someone that will know how to compile the following project on windows 7 64 bit:


1) - Building On Windows -


- CMake >2.6
- Visual C++ 2005
- Microsoft Platform SDK
- gnu bison >=2.4 and flex 2.5.35
- Doxygen (to generate API documentation if desired)

To Build:

- Set DXC_HOME environment variable to desired installation directory
- Switch to top-level source directory and type 'cmake .'
(add flag -DRUN_DOXYGEN=true to generate API documentation)
- Open generated visual studio solution file (eg. DXC.sln)
- Build 'INSTALL' project ("Release" configuration is needed by
Oracle binary, additional "Debug" build is optional)
- Add %DXC_HOME%\Bin to %PATH%

Common problems:
- If cmake or VC++ complain about missing libraries or headers, make
sure VC++ is configured to look in [MS Platform SDK dir]/Lib and
/Include respectively (Tools->Options->Projects and Solutions->
VC++ Directories)
- If bison and flex are not found by cmake, make sure the directory that
contains them is in your %PATH% environment variable.

i am willing to pay using paypal for a how to guide for compiling on windows 7 64 bit.
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compiling with visual studio 2010 is also good for me, i need to be able to compile the 'ExampleProbeDA.cpp' in the 'ExampleDA' (Examples folder)
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VS2010 may be good for you, but the project requirement is Visual C++ 2005. It's likely the project would have to be ported to VS2010 as there are differences between the compilers, so it'd be easier to stick with VC2005.

How many of the requirements do you understand and where are you stuck? For example, do you know what "Set DXC_HOME environment variable to desired installation directory" means?

Are you in the middle of following the instructions given and getting some errors you don't understand? If so, what step, and what are the first 10 errors (or all, if <10)?
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ok, so this is the guide to what i did:

my flicker photo stream:
flickr site /photos/74908757@N02
add the end to that start,
i cant post links here...

1. i unpacked the file:

no spaces in folders names,

2. started new project:

did the following:
(all pics in flicker)

and i get these errors:

iv tried also installing bison, flax and java SDK and doing cmake using VS2010 to the main folder, that did not wort giving me the error:

tried doing cmake . to the folder:C:\DXC11\DXC_HOME1\Src\Algs\ExampleDA
it generated a project that ended up giving me the same errors...

compiling with visual studio 2010 is also good for me, i need to be
able to compile the 'ExampleProbeDA.cpp' in the 'ExampleDA' (Examples
i also using visual studio 2010, i added the libraries and the includes,
installed java and included the lib but the linker throws 12 errors, if
you succeed in compiling the ExampleProbeDA.cpp for the synthetic
track ill be very thankful, i am willing to pay you somehow for your effort.
i was thinking of a more modest payment not a full scale grant (-:, anyways
i am trying to compile the ExampleProbeDA.cpp so i can build the
ExampleDA.exe file and run it with the framework (run the system
description and scenarios), naturally after being able to compile i will
write my own algorithm for solving the problem, but currently i cant even
compile the example and so i cant test any algorithm, i tried with the
visual studio instruction and with the cmake, bison and flax instruction
but i cant seem to make it work, any tutorial using windows 7 64bit and
visual studio 2010 explaining how to compile the
ExampleProbeDA.cpp meaning creating a working ExampleDA.exe that will read
system description and scenarios will be blessed, from that point i will
be able to write my own alg, i can start parsing the scenarios and
system catalog xml by myself and then write all the TCP connection to
the competition but it seems someone had done that job for me so i want to
be able to use it.
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What version of Visual Studio did you use for the photos on Flickr?

Why did you think installing bison, flax and java SDK would help?

The errors you get are just "unresolved external symbol" errors. That means the code is dependent on some library functions somewhere, and to resolve them you need to add some library reference to the project. These could be compiler specific libraries - the symbols look to be that kind of thing, so if you're not using VS2005, then use VS2005, or ask the people who wrote the application for an updated version for VS2010. What you could try is to Google the symbol names and see what pops up.
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wow thanks a lot, yes i get it that some lib that is missing but i dont understand why, i added all of them, anyways ill try downloading VS2005 cuz i'm using VS2010, i hope it will solve the problem, if it will i want to pay you back somehow, ill let you know soon if it worked.
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Forget the payment stuff please. This is not a pay site and TBH if I wanted paying you probably wouldn't be able to afford my rates.

You might have added all the libraries, but the point is that there is still a missing library somewhere, i.e. the one that defines the missing symbols. These could be part of VS2005 - don't know until you've built it with that version. The symbol names appear to be compiler libraries, but if you get the same problem with VS2005 (won't know till you've tried it) then maybe not. The other way as I said is to google the names to see what is returned; you can often find out what library defines what missing symbol that way. It's not something I'm going to do for you because the symbol names are complex and provided in graphical form only, so I would have to retype them. If you want me to do stuff like that, use copy&paste to paste the errors into this site.

Link posting is only disabled for new posters, to deter spammers. You'll be able to post links after you've made a small number of posts. But in any case, consider text mode error dumps instead; it makes life easier.