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i need to hack back into my old neopets account (and need help please? )

Discussion in 'Ethical hacking' started by sgamer1991, Nov 7, 2010.

  1. sgamer1991

    sgamer1991 New Member

    hello! i know this is probably geeky to ask but i need help getting back onto an old neopets account, i have tryed to redeem the password but it seems there is no email attached and i dont know the password

    the account is called trevor3690 and was my cousins that he gave me like 7 years ago, anyway i used to use it all the time when i got scammed and my password was changed since then i thought the account was frozen but i have seen that its not ive tried to log into the account but the password is still not what i though it was, so i just needed help?

    i dont know if you can help me, i dont know if you can redeem password cookies from the profile of the page or what?

    would apprichiate some feedback, thanks!
  2. sgamer1991

    sgamer1991 New Member


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