How I can execute Javascript into Perl?

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"I don't know how I can execute an event of Javascript into a link in a program in Perl.
This event of JavaScript have executed a function that return a HTML page.
Anybody know how I can it?

Is it possible do it this?:
$datos=$datos.""<a href='"" . $me . ""?C=OFERTAS2&EMPRESA="".$empresa_param.""&NREF="" .$nref.""' onMouseOver=""linkFTecnica(nref2)"">"";

What is bad in this code?

Thank you very much. "
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Your query is little ambigous. Could you please elaborate what you want to achieve with complete code that you are using? JavaScript is a client side affair as opposed to perl which is executed on the server side. You can do all kinds of html manipulation thorugh your perl programs, and javascript can also be embedded. Just that you have to be careful where to use what.