i want to do email marketing

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i want to do email marketing and send a thousand of weekly email to my clients from my hotmail account.

Please tell me free software name from which i send emails .

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Is there any software specified for email marketing?
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Email marketing has blown up over the last few years and they have come up with many different tricks and advertisements in order to catch the eye of future clients. It is also one of the best lead marketing tools around. Email marketing has become an effective lead generator because it is a very smooth way to keep in touch with people.

MLM marketing is a form of email marketing because it is a way to directly interact with consumers. Email lists are put together by list marketing and owners will gather an opt in list or an opt in email and begin to start their advertisements. List marketing is the people responsible for creating the leads for businesses. Email marketing is a great way to create a positive interaction with potential leads because it is a non-evasive way to communicate with future clients.
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Check AJ Email Marketer is the perfect choice for businesses.You can try this. They are the best on the market right now. They provide good support also.
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Originally Posted by jacksan View Post
Check AJ Email Marketer is the perfect choice for businesses.You can try this. They are the best on the market right now. They provide good support also.
I do not agree with you on this. The best is probably Aweber and I have a detailed Aweber review for you to read. Apart from my review you can search Google about them and you would see so many good things about them.
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One of the downsides to mass email is that it may not reach its target recipient. This can be blamed on bulk email blockers programmed into email accounts. But still there are programs that have been designed to serve this specific purpose. Try using the Google to search for different kinds of software and the options they offer.
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I don't have any idea about it. And I am sorry I cannot help you on that.
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Try our free internet marketing consultation including email marketing. You will find useful tips.
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I have worked for a while in this domain. If you have any questions ask, just ask ))
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You should look for some professional email marketing software to solve these problem, these software usually have high delivery rate. Avoid using the mail service of your company because your service may be put into blacklist of some email service if you operate not properly. Here are software recommend : Comm100, Benchmark and Constant Contact. . Comm100 is free and easy to use and suitable for non-tech.