how can i earn money from my website?

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dear visitors,
i am a website developer and i have work experience in website development (both programming and designing) for one year. i am new in website marketing and promotion. my aim is to earn from websites. currently i am developing a tutorial website and i wanna earn from this site

please give me some fair suggestions about .. .. ..

1. can i earn from google adsense through this site and how much earn possible this type of site after the site is completed successfully?
2. which technique help me for more traffic?
3. i wanna develop more websites and which types of websites most people visited?
4. is there any way to earn from websites without google adsense?

wishing of good advice.

best regards
Faruque Rahman
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Check out my link in signature about how to make money online or even at the top Yellow bar of this forum
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try referrals, and affiliate...
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Those links will be really helpful just have a look at it.
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First you will need to work hard on getting good quality traffic every day for your site, then you can use this traffic to earn money from your site. Google adsense is the best but with that you can sell some space on your site to others for advertising their sites or products. Affiliate is also good and many do earn lot from it.
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Traffic of the website is maintenance of the website.we can increase traffic by SEO/SMO.
If we have more page-rank and traffic on my website then we can earn more money by advertising on our site.