i need to crack girlfriends vista admin password think shes cheating i have until sat

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yep you couldnt write this shit basically i think my girl is cheating or atleast up to something
she has a admin account and she gave me standered account wich i think is suspicouse
she as gone to egypt until saturday so im trying to access the admin account

here is what ive done or tried atleast

i must stress i dont no alot about computers and only learnt these things yesterday so any help at all is appreciated

firstly i tried the command promt thing net user account name then * with all the spaces is says system error 5

then i tried right click on command prompt and click run as administrator it says access denied and ask for password

then i download trinnity 3.3 put it on disk set the bios thing to boot cd first the disk worked when through what instructions i got from a youtube video but it diddnt work maybe i missed something though im not sure as i was a bit scared of breaking the laptop i was entering net user admin then the option then like net user account name i could see the accounts but couldnt change it maybe my error

then i get ophcrack slap it on a disk run it it says the accounts but says the passwords were not found but i did only have the crap free rainbow table that came with it

would that make a difference
so then i downloade more rainbow tables for vista would this possbly work now if so how would i put the tables on to the ophcrack disc to it runs

i also tried the control shift delete twice on the login screen to get the secret admin account but that dont work

i need help asap this is an emergience please help

if you see any holes in the things i have done or have got admin passwords from these ways or have other ways to do it please share

i cant wipe the laptop and it came with windows vista i dont mind if the password gets wiped or i just find it out i just need to get in

thanks guys i no you have the power !
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sorry about the spelling !!!
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please help me people are looking but not givving me any info

even if it isnt a fix any help will do

thanks lee
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have i put this in the wrong section ?

because ive had over 20 views and no help
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Take here for a date and play the password game of guessing each others password. We hardly care and thread closed.