How can i coonect to my database

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i have a plugin for <modern warfare 2 > so it is worked correctly on local but i want to use it on my host so i want this plugin connect to my site database Instead of the local file whitelist.lst) and use on my site database and read players xuidis from database and so allow to players that connect to the game and if player not registered in site (so the xuidis not recorded on my database) kicked from server.....

pleas someone edited this cod fore me so , it can connect to database and use it::

sorry for my bad English.
PHP Code:
$mod->setDefaultCV("registered""kickreason""->boro baba<-"); //add KICK Reason here or make an config file

$file $configdir "/whitelist.lst";  // path to your file, place it in your configfolder into folder plugins
$results explode(","file_get_contents($file));
$whitelist = array();

$results as $result) {
$whitelist[] = trim($result);

registered_main($guid) {
$mod->getCV("registered""enabled") == 0) {
 if (!
in_array($guid$whitelist)) {

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follow tuts on ho to connect via w3c

or use propel orm
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