I need a code that can generate random numbers!!?

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I need someones help in finding or creating a code that can generate random numbers in JAVA.
it can be from using API or any other sources that are out there. I also need an explanation on how the code works!! PLEASE HELP ME!!!
Thank You
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The thing is i dont know how to create a random generator code either.. and i dont really have the time to learn this in one night because its due in the morning.
Please i need your help!
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This capability is built into the java.util library! Just import the library using:
import java.util.*;
Now you can create an instance of the Random class wherever you need it. Once you have your instance you can use one of several methods to generate a random number:
Random generator = new Random();
int randomIndex = generator.nextInt( nMaxReturnVal );
For more information just google "java random number generator" and you'll get many articles on the subject.

- Ben