How do I center my table for all screen resolutions?

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Hi. I have been trying to center the table of a website i'm working on, but the 'ol align="center" doesn't work for all screen resolutions. Can anyone help me please?

Thanks xx
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You submitted this question in Articles and I have moved it to forum for discussion and also if you would like to align to vertical center or horizontal center is not clear but I would try to explain both.

For Horizontal center you can use align:center as a style but for vertical center you have to use Javascript to get the height and then position accordingly or even try valign:middle but that would mean you need
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If you're using frames you might wanna keep the website on 800x600 entirly so you won't be able to use the standard <center> or <div align="center"> tags..

instead you could place the whole page in a frameset:
<framset rows="*,600,*" border="0">
<frame src="blank.html" scrolling="no">
<frameset cols="*,800,*" border="0">
<frame src="blank.html" scrolling="no">
<frame src="your main page.html" scrolling="no">
<frame src="blank.html" scrolling="no">
<frame src="blank.html" scrolling="no">
do keep in mind your website isn't 800x600, infact it'll be around 796x500 or even less... find a middleground and you'll be set to go... do create the blank html page, either in the website background or completely different color, whatever you like...

Personally I wouldn't recommend doing your page like this but it would work... I'd try to get a page to work in all resolutions and if that doesn't work, do it for 1024x768 because I think that's being used to most nowadays