How to know if I am blacklisted in Google

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Is there anyway of knowing if I am blacklisted in Google ?

The keywords we are targeting are not inappropriate.

There is no inappropriate content on the website.
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Hi friends............

2 things to check if your site is blacklisted/banned:

- do a site:domain check. If no results come up, you could be banned.
- check the google toolbar. If the PR bar is showing gray, then your site could be banned.

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Go to google search bar and type your URL address. If no results appear, then you are banned from Google.
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Hi all,

can/does google ban/blacklist specific pages?

We had been doing some link building over a series of months and had got to page 1 of google for our choosen phrase, now we seem to have vanished over night and some blogs have banned the address from being used in new posts [akismet - cough, cough]... Not sure why as the links were not excessive and we were writing genuine comments and only making use of the additional link benefit at the same time.

The rest of the site seems fine, so it's strange how one page can vanish? it's still page 1 of MSN and yahoo tho so why the google magic trick!

Any help would be appreciated!

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You may have been flagged because you may have done too many links in the comments. Blog comments should not be linked to your site unless its really a good one to be doing it.
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Also Google says: "Don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with
substantially duplicate content." And when flagged with malware warning you can Request a Review in the Google Webmaster Tools Account for the site.
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You can check by site:url, if your site is banned then no result found.
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type "site:domain" in Google search box and click search button. If you will not get pages of your website then you are ban by Google.
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Check your domain and also check the page rank of your site if it comes as grey then it means you have been blocked or banned.