I need bios password

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i have toshiba model psm35e i need bios password how can i go in bios ?
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You already have a post in Basic BIOS password crack and you can try some of the tips in that thread.
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When all fails, open up your laptop where your ram lies, then next to your ram there must be either a reset button (very small) or two jumpers that you must fuse in order to reset your BIOS password and settings, I also have a toshiba but the M70 Sattelite series, try that and if its not there by your ram, open your laptop completely and look for the reset button on the motherboard. My previous Toshiba used my keyboard to reset the BIOS, Hold down the "Fn" key and then press "F1" (or wichever key has a lock sign on it) try that and some other keys with that combination like escape or F12 and such... Otherwise, read your instructions or visit the toshiba website...