huge problem here

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emm hi there
ok right to the point
i have this prob :
i have downloaded some books and started reading them 2 days ago...
when i start reading i just don't understand the thing. i mean i read and read but always get it wrong
today i was reading C++ in action and i lost it right after the first page
i don't know english very well
and guys do you have any idea how to understand alll what i read
i know nothing about programing and about encrypting or anything else
i mean i've started from "0"
is there any book that prepares me to better understand what i read
anything at all???
please I WANNA LEARN !!!!:disap poin
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Probably and English Grammar book.
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ok i need that but what about a technical book?
to teach me the basis so i can have a leg up when i read other books???