http and https problem

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I have a problem regarding one of my site. Actually the site is opening with https:// whereas crawled url is with http:// and when we submit the site with http:// URL then it flashes invalid URL massage. So, please guide and suggest what should I do?

Thanks a lot in advance?
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You need to check the protocols enabled for your domain on the hosting server, I think your web server has only allowed https for your domain and not http. This is very weird but can be the case.


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HTTPS indicates a secure site. http means that the web site is talking to your browser using the regular 'unsecured' language.
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It is canonical issue, Remove it then your site open rightly
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hi do you know what is difference between http;// AND https;//.....if know you please suggest me..
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If your site having HTTPS:// than you surely know that your site is SSL secured. In this case you should have to redirect your all HTTP:// domains to HTTPS://. It is very simple process and you will start showing your site in your browser.

I think most websites do not allows to submit HTTPS:// domains. If your site have another team for developing than consult with them about this query.
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https is more secure than http. URL with https is safe for money transfer, online shopping, and internet banking........
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https is the protocol of ssl (Secure socket layer ), for secure data trasection, where as http is only transfer the data without much security.
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Originally Posted by seoforums85 View Post
It is canonical issue, Remove it then your site open rightly
I agreed too. It is the canonical issue. You have to resolve it otherwise the crawler consider both pages as the different one and take it as a 'duplicate content' issue.
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I am totally agree with click ssl here.