HTTP form variable

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Hello, read this!

Hello, I’m the newbie looking for help. Can someone tell me how I can create form software that will post to a website with the values inputted in the software input box instead of simply specifying it in the code? I want to be able to upload a text file where the software will read off of it one line by line and post to the values specified. I want it where it can also GET captcha variables and show them to me so I can type it in directly from the software.

So, it should be able to:

Upload text files to mass HTTP submit to a site reading one line off another

GET Captcha images in the software so I can type it in before the software proceeds.

Allow Proxy support

If anybody can tell me how I can do these then please respond! I really appreciate all help………..

This is for Microsoft Visual Basic 2008 – thanks! I really need to know how to do this