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Problem with HP MINI

Discussion in 'Windows' started by MMReyes, Sep 8, 2009.

  1. MMReyes

    MMReyes New Member

    Hey Guys

    My hp mini has caught a bugg i cant log in to any of the accounts like when tehy log in it last 5 seconds and then logs back out. The computer has no optical drive so i dont know how i can reformat it, can you guys help me.

    Mario Melian Reyes
  2. nimesh

    nimesh New Member

    it doesn't work in safe mode also?
    if it works, download antimalware and remove the bug
  3. MMReyes

    MMReyes New Member

    No i doesnt let me get in ive tried safe mode and it logs me off also
  4. indiansword

    indiansword Security Expert

    u can format the computer by pushing F11 at the startup.

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