HOw to Create ??

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Well Hi Its Noman ... I know how to create web site with html & small flash . BUt i dont know how to create quality flash sites ... I have got a task to creat cool flash site like .... & i`ll get a good job too .. Now the prob? how to make such cool site ..

1) Is there any software that helps me taking contents of this site( site downloading) & i`ll edit them for the time being ???

Or is there any site that offer cool Flash quality tutorials for creating professional type websites ... Like in this site .....

3) Thirdly & the main suppose even i make some cool flash animations using my creativity ... If i`ll embed those flash alwasy took too much place & the site got heavier ... How ever my boss want his site be easier to load ?? Then guide me plz


For ready reference is my site
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You need to be doing lots of flash work before you can get a site like that one.
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To create such a prof site apart from flash you should also be very good web design and color combinations as well.
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Nyc info