Is hostgator is the best for customer support?

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I have been using hostgator for long time and their customer support is unbelievable excellent! Can anybody tell about other hosting companies who can beat with HG when compared to customer support?
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This year, Hostgator is The Best Web Hosting Service's top pick for the category best customer service of 2010. Hostgator provides hosting services to customers consisting of both individual freelancers and Fortune 500 companies in more than 200 countries throughout the world.
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People have had mixed experiences over hostgator and their customer service though that is expected for any hosting service as they really could not stay perfect. Though from what I have heard and experienced myself, they have been relatively stable in terms of being able to perform.

What I can assure you is that they respond fast and for some instances, they have live support for setup and out of the box questions.
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When it comes to the customer support there are very few hosting companies who are able to complete customers each and every demand. Even a lot of service providers claim 24/7/365 days support but mostly they just unavailable on weekends. As I am related to with web hosting company I always see how hard tech support guys work in our organization. However, customers should also remember that support guys are not magician.
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There are few occasions which really consumes unexpected time to get it sorted, this is the most common reason which annoys webmasters a lot. Web Hosting services industry is full of uncertainties as nobody can judge the future technical glitches in advance.
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when it comes to customer support hostgator is very good. although i do not like their backup system.
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I think customer support is done frequently if website added a live chat service on their website. mail response and calling on given number is a slow process. many are using Live2Support's live chat services on their website to support customers instantly.