Hopeless Beginner looking for help

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Hi, I'm a complete beginner to the C languages. I don't even know what type of program I need to type the codes into. In fact, I don't know much about programming at all except how to print out the words "Hello World" in Python, so any tips, suggestions, or guides that you could link me too for absolute beginners would be great. Also, where can I find as compiler? I read somewhere that you need one to use the programs you make with the C languages. Thanks
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First of all I would suggest you become positive in your approach. Its just that you don't know C language does not mean you are hopeless. It was the case for every one of us here some time back when we started off but we were hopeful.

Now about the compiler if you can share what OS you are using we can help you in a better way but I assume its Windows then I would suggest you can look for MS compiler which is not free to download.
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Actually, MS VC2005 Express Edition is a free dowload. You'll also need to download the SDK mentioned on the same page.