can some one hook me up with a program?

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First of all i have know idea this thread belongs here.

well, im looking for a program that inputs code after code at a high rate of speed into like a password thing till you get the password thats correct, its enter the amount numbers and letters that are in thein the code and it uses diffrent codes one after the other(srry if this explanation was confusing)

i have know idea what its called and i really want, so if u know what its called or where i can get it plz tell me
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hey is any one gonna help me?
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do you mean brute force?
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you are talking about a brute force password cracker,search google,you'll get some.
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haha yes google is your almighty friend.

but other than that i use brutus and lophtcrack for my password hacking/hash decoding
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Try this

its a great free alternative to lophtcrack and does what you want and more.
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Go to, download brutusAE2 and there you have it, a very nice working bruteforce password breaker, have cain & abel, also very nice crypto and dictionary and bruteforce password breakers, it even has online cracking too. Go to they have all the tools you will need. Check out the sticky note at the top of this forum, there is a whole lot of sites you can use.