What kind of work at home jobs are available?

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I obviously can't have a job that would require me to deal with coworkers bc one of them is bound to piss me off. I end up going off on them and I get canned. However, if I work at home and I explode, it would be at home and not at a company. The problem is what work at home jobs are out there and how can I get them? I'm not considering self employment. I wanna be tied to a company. Plus, how hard is it to get hired at the company if I were fired for workplace violence against an inanimate object?
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Nothing like that exist on internet nowadays.
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I think anything internet related can become a "work at home" job. Hone your skills in internet marketing, SEO, blogging. Make yourself a resource, and you can work for a great company. Make yourself an even better resource, and you can work for yourself! Educating and growing your knowledge is key.
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Hey first of all let me tell you that most of them are just fake...so beware of fake companies while trying this.Home jobs are available in many field it just depends on you what you want to opt.
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Yeah. The internet has a wide horizon of job opportunities but you need to be careful about the offers because most of them doesn't pay at all or if they do only 50% of the deal. So I suggest if you really want to work online do your own research on how legit and credible the company is. Okay?