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Work at home Job Scam Report

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by akhilach, Apr 1, 2009.

  1. akhilach

    akhilach New Member

    Hello All

    Thos who are members of yahoo groups get mails like ad typing jobs or work at home oppurtunity but beware that these jobs involve more cost than they pay you.

    I am member of hotjobseeker.com and have worked for them for more than 3 months following all the guidelines and they didnt even payme $0.01 and have wasted all the money I invested in making an account.

    I tried complaining for whom they own a certificate but that also in vein.

    All they say is money back guarantee but I after registering next day only tried to get the refund but all invain and also they pay you after say one month of work but have the option of moneyback in around 7-14 days. Beware of such things

    Also do remember that you are working for them and so you should not pay them. Infact they should pay you after the work. If you find such scams as this you can also report it here.

    If you think I am wrong you can use my account and try working for them and if you succeed in it I will remove this post.
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  2. shabbir

    shabbir Administrator Staff Member

    You copied everything from my post here

    Beware of adtyping jobs

    And even the Name at the bottom.

    Any specific reason to do that.
  3. surveycheese

    surveycheese New Member

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