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Home based part time online jobs

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by Ashwatha, Apr 24, 2009.

  1. mirandu85

    mirandu85 New Member

    currently i have a part time job as a content writer for a site.
  2. gayatri1223

    gayatri1223 New Member

    Hi Ahswatha,

    I am interested in your job.Please provide me with all the informations required.


    Swagatika Das
  3. rutu12

    rutu12 New Member

    Online jobs are are becoming very hot in India & around the world. This is the best time to start an online job from home & make money.

    Do you know there are dozens of online jobs where you can work and earn good monthly income! You can earn Rs.10,000 a month, Rs.20,000 a month or even Rs.50,000 monthly depending on your work and capability.
  4. rutu12

    rutu12 New Member

    There are many online jobs which can be done from home as part time .
    Like , online survey, online data entry jobs , PTC work , affiliate jobs , and many more you can get all this details from various online jobs sites like jobs8home.com, surejob.in , onlinejobs etc

    I have found great information here http://surejob.in/online-jobs-from-home.html hope it will help you too.

    If you need more info then reply
  5. ksandy

    ksandy New Member

    Hi All I am new to this forum.
    Are these online jobs legitimate?
    How do you choose from all the scams out there?
    What criteria or test do you use?
    Can you send me some legitimate part time and work from home jobs?

  6. rutu12

    rutu12 New Member


    Yes there are many scams in online or part time jobs.\you have to verify company through which you getting this job.
    If you looking for work from home job you can do online data entry job .you can get information http://dataentryjobs4all.com/ here .
    Hope this will help you
    Last edited: Jun 11, 2015

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