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Home based jobs

Discussion in 'Jobs And Career Discussion' started by shabbir, Nov 11, 2005.

  1. rebecca16

    rebecca16 New Member

    Re: global offline data entry jobs

    and how do i have to pay for this one limited seat which is not easily available????
  2. xgysman@gmail.com

    xgysman@gmail.com New Member

    Re: global offline data entry jobs

    i am very interested in starting today doing offline data entry can you send me more information on how to get started now.
  3. rinarai2

    rinarai2 New Member

    Thanks for sharing.
  4. dcoetzee

    dcoetzee New Member

  5. Hirantha

    Hirantha New Member

    Re: global online data entry jobs

    Send me the details pls.
  6. ChrissyHeart

    ChrissyHeart New Member

    Hi folks, I am a business owner. My advice here is; the best thing you can ever do is work at home. It gives you freedom. However please do be careful before you ever spend any money at all on getting a job...it's just not necessary...If someone wants you to work for them, they will not charge you.

    Because I do have several businesses I am aware of the frustration out there. I have put together a site to give you updates on reg jobs out there..you can get it for FREE - no charges, we post all diff jobs.If you want the link, just send a msg. I sincerely hope it helps you in your search..feel free to pass it to your friends
  7. kinglove

    kinglove New Member

  8. snishantha

    snishantha New Member

    I am ready to this job.give me work.
  9. snishantha

    snishantha New Member

    Re: global offline data entry jobs

    I am ready to your job.give me job. i finish it.
  10. Ana_Campos

    Ana_Campos New Member

    Good to know people are available to work and learn. This is the base foundation of knowledge i think.
  11. ferdsie

    ferdsie New Member

    Hello there. I am very interested in homebased jobs. I have worked for a computer brand, as well as a brand for computer peripherals (webcams, mouse, keyboard etc..) as a technical support associate. I am also a transcriptionist, I can type 30 - 50 words per minute. If you guys have an available job, please email me at ferdsie@gmail.com. Thanks in advance.
  12. jenny4u

    jenny4u New Member

    Hi friends,

    Any one knows well known online earning sites?
  13. anithacbs101

    anithacbs101 New Member

    data entry is a home based jobs so doing all people,women ,students and business people.
  14. Maanvi

    Maanvi New Member

    Hello friends I need information on online jobs and multimedia jobs could u please post the information
    Thank you all
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  15. rebecca16

    rebecca16 New Member

    what is the hourly charge that will be paid to the worker? if you coukd specify that, it will certainly help me in deciding
  16. mehamgul101

    mehamgul101 New Member

    thanks for your such nice sharing with us here
  17. Suavee

    Suavee New Member

    Blessed day to all, I am new here as a matter of fact this is my very 1st forum, my interest is general. Right now at this moment my interest is in a real legit online job or internet base residual income long or short term. I believe 95% of them are scams. So its best to get a recommendation from someone who knows a few that really works thanks in advance.
  18. Suavee

    Suavee New Member

    Was searching were to post? Hope I had posted this in the right place!

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