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dear hackers

i spent more than a month searching and trying to know how to hack an ip adress and for a verey good reson and in that im not hurting any one or stealing or any thing im just geting back something that was mine and was stolen from me so im now asking for ur help i tryed many sites and at last i came by ur great site wich i would be honored to be a member of it .

if any body can help me plz do and plz im just a normal guy tray to take it sloly it's my first time .
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You have posted it as an Article and I have moved it into the forum for discussion.
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Well, firt up, you will have to read up on alot of things like:
Brute Forcing
Dictionary Attacks
TCP/IP Ports and Protocols
Get the right software and learn how to use them
Go to these sites and get the tools:

http://www.oxid.it. (Get Cain & Abel)
http://www.elhacker.net (Get lots of hacking tools)
http://www.packetstorm.org (More tools)
http://www.milw0rm.com (Submit hashes to them to crack)
Http://www.paulschou.com/tools/xlate (Binary to almost anything converter)
http://www.hnc3k.com (Lots of tutorials like elhacker.net)
http://www.hellboundhackers.org (Site that gives you challenges) Practical
http://www.hackthissite.org (Same as Hellboundhackers)
http://www.packetstormsecurity.com (Every tool or dictionary you will need)
http://www.freerainbowtables.com (Rainbowtables download)
http://www.rainbowtables-online.com (Online cryptanalysis cracking site)
http://www.ophcrack.com (Get ophcrack and ophcrack tables)
http://www.hoobie.net (Get brutus and lots lots lots of exploits)
http://www.hackology.com (Get more tools)

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SpOonWiZaRd, I have copied your post and made a sticky thread at the top of the forum. You will be able to add to that thread so that we don't need to suggest that to everyone out here - Ethical hacking resources
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Thanks, I will add more as I go, there is more, but I have forgotten them, I gave it all on paper to my students today but im blank now...