hi, if you can't make an offer, can you tell wether it is possible to do

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Hi guys,

i am setting up a french website that will show auctions on different websites, both actual and upcoming.
I need 2 tables, one for upcoming ones and the other for the actual ones. Because the auctions are during set times, what i would need is lines from the upcoming auctions to go onto the actual auctions at the time the auction starts. and when the auction finishes, i'd like it to vanish from the actual table.
The two tables will be on two different pages (actual and upcoming) and the table will feature these columns (1. a picture of the brand that is in the auction eg. Diesel, 2. Date and time it starts, 3. Date and time it finishes, 4. name of website running the auction, 5. one hyperlink to subscribe to website, 6. one hyperlink to subscribe to auction if already member of website.

Of course, I would need to feed the lines at first but the idea is that i don't have to be let's say at 7am on my computer updating the website cuz an auction starts or finishes.

Anyone has an idea.
Please make me an offer and i'll study it and we can come to an arrangement fast.
It is very urgent that I get this website up and running soon as i have loads of partners counting on me.

Thank you very much,
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still opening