Good Day to all!

I need help in my program, here how it goes.
The task is to make this formula work X(plus)Y(square)

so here is my codes( i dont know how to call it)

.model flat, stdcall
include .\include\

extrn ExitProcess				:near
extrn MessageBoxA				:near


	Number1	dword		7
	Number2	dword 	        5
	Number3	dword		0
	Caption db "XplusYsquared",0

	push Number1
	Push Number2
	Call XplusYsquared
	mov Number3, eax
	Push MB_OK
	Push offset Caption
	Push offset Number3
	Push NULL
	call MessageBoxA
	push 0
	Call ExitProcess

	push ebp
	mov ebp, esp
	mov eax, dword ptr [ebp+8]
	mul eax
	add eax, dword ptr [ebp+0ch]
	mov esp, ebp
	pop ebp
	ret 8
End Main
How can i make this output in a Decimal?
and is there any other output display that i can use? besides Message box?

Thank you!

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