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Hello everyone,

I am the owner of a US based comapny. We need a HEX programmer to edit car CPU's, please reply if interested.


  • Facilitate technical Electronic Control Unit (ECU) modifications by remapping its software to improve the performance of throttle response, increased power and torque of most modern fuel-injected vehicles.
  • Apply adjustments (projects) to factory original software based on modifications, octane type and location of subject vehicle.
  • Follow procedures to create "projects" that can be used for similar future vehicles.


  • Ideal candidate must be proficient in English language.
  • In-depth knowledge in ASCII, HEX and Binary programming languages.
  • Must be very familiar with auto industry terms.
  • Ability to work under pressure and in a team (remote setup FULL TIME; 160 hrs.).
  • High speed Internet connection for video conferencing.

This is an urgent hiring. You can submit your resumes in PDF format via e-mail to jobs@staffvirtual.com . Please indicate expected monthly salary.
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thanks, didn't realize there was a jobs forum