[help]which pro is more popular in USA&Canada? Which should I learn?

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[help]which pro is more popular in USA&Canada? Which should I learn?
I'm a rookie of program. My major is not computer. I ever work in some software company, and I found I must learn some language asap.
I fell puzzled, C++ Java .net, they're important.
But as a beginner which should I learn, I found there're some lessons and tranning all about Java and .net, but there is no C/C++ lesson.

I wish I could do C++ later. some programmer told me that I can learn Java at first, and then, after tranning, when I find another job, I may learn some C++ after that. Hope I could become a experiened guy.
Besides I wanna work in the USA and Canada in the future.

so my question is
1, Which tranning cause should I learn now. (Java .net C++)
2, Which program language is more popular in America、Canada.

thanks a lot~

PS I've asked a education tranning company, their java course about 5 months, .net tranning about 3.5 months
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Instead of having the same thread in all the programming languages having the thread in programming forum is better. I have moved your thread in the programming forum as well as closed all your other thread. Please don't do this as it annoys the people seeing the same thread over and over again.