Need Help:tommorow is the exam,please give me good links.

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Hey Guys,please help me,tomorrow is my C++ Exam and i need to top in that,i have 21 questions,please give me brief and exact answers or links to those questions..the contents of the books are very old i want new content,please help me as i have only 9 hrs left
Each question carry 15 marks,so tell accordingly
1.a)What is object oriented Programming?How is it beneficial over other programming techniques?Explain.
b)Distinguish between procedure oriented programming and object oriented programming.
2.What are common features supported by Object Oriented Languages?Illustrate.
3.What is dynamic initialization of objects?Why is it needed?how is it accomplished in C++?Illustrate.
4.What is an object-oriented project?What are the steps involved in implementing an object oriented project?Illustrate by taking a suitable project of your choice.
5.a)What is a friend function?What are the pros and cons of using a friend function?
b)Why C++ is used for OOP?Illustrate.
6.What do you mean by Object Modelling Technique(OMT)?How do object model,dynamic model and functional model differ from each other?Illustrate.
7.What is JSD?Illustrate this design along with its pros and cons.
8.What is exceptional handling?How the exceptional handling mechanism is useful/preferred than the normal error checking/code?Illustrate.
9.a)What is meant by call values and call by reference?Under what circumstances call by reference is preferred over call by value?
b)Explain Macros Briefly.
10.a)What do you mean by data hiding?How it can be implemented in C++?Give an example.
b)What is meant by objects?How are these created?
11.Explain Inheritance Briefly.
12.What is meant by polymorphism?How morphism is achieved at compile time and run time?Give an example stating the polymorphism.
13.a)Explain Constructor and Destructor with the help of example.Discuss the importance of constructors and destructors.
b)What is meant by constructor?Explain various features and types of constructors available in C++.
14.a)What is virtual function?Why is it needed?What are the basic rules for creating virtual functions?Write a program in C++ for virtual function.Where are virtual functions needed?Are the virtual functions inherited?Justify your statement.
b)Write short note on any 5 object oriented languages.
15.a)Differentiate between:Multiple and Multilevel Inheritance.
b)Polymorphism and overloading.
c)Publicly derived and privacy derived inheritance.
16.a)Explain differences between SA/SD and object modelling technique.
b)Write short note on SD.
17.a)What is overloading of a function?When and why do we use this concept?Give an example of function overloading.
b)What is method overriding?Why does it occur?Explain.
18.a)Define function and its declaration in C++.How can a function be defined incline?
b)What is function prototyping?Discuss different styles of writing prototypes.What are the advantages of function prototypes?
19.a)Differentiate between:Friend and member functions.
b)Links and Associations.
c)Constructor and Destructor,
20.Explain the various models available in object oriented languages in brief.Also explain relationship among different models.How are object model,dynamic model and functional model related to each other.
21.a)Discuss basic data types in C++.
b)What do you mean by expression?Discuss different types of expressions wih examples.
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Post the answers you already have and state in what way you think they are deficient, and we will see if we can improve on them.

This will show you're not just trying to get us to do your exam for you ;-) Which of course I completely believe you're not doing.
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Mai kisi se koi paper dene ko nhi kehe raha!
Aur ab toh mera paper ho bhi gya hai jaisa bhi hona tha...aur dhanyavaad sabhiko itni jaldi reply karne ka!
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I've no idea what any of that means. Please post in English.
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Originally Posted by SahilAr View Post
Mai kisi se koi paper dene ko nhi kehe raha!
Aur ab toh mera paper ho bhi gya hai jaisa bhi hona tha...aur dhanyavaad sabhiko itni jaldi reply karne ka!
Don't expect everyone knows your language.