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Help::Mini Project in JAVA

Discussion in 'Java' started by sureshdsk, Aug 28, 2010.

  1. sureshdsk

    sureshdsk New Member

    [Mini-Project] Develop a programmer's editor in Java that supports syntax-
    highlighting, compilation support, debugging support, etc.

    please give me the program code that suites for above problem:cryin::cryin::cryin:

    thanks for your help
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  2. virxen

    virxen New Member

  3. sureshdsk

    sureshdsk New Member

    i downloaded the source code......

    how to use it ...give me step by step procedure
  4. sureshdsk

    sureshdsk New Member

    but it has no compiling and debugging options
  5. ManzZup

    ManzZup New Member

    compiling pretty easy
    just make sure the jdk is there on the machine
    then execute javac filename.java for compiling
    for debuggon get the console output though a stream and put it as the debugger output [you can edit a bit]
  6. sureshdsk

    sureshdsk New Member

    i don't know to do it.........
  7. virxen

    virxen New Member

    that's why there are the mini projects,to study,search and learn.

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