Need help in writing a encryption algorithm!!

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hello a student
im new to the field of programming...
i have a project in computer network security.. to write an encryption algorithm whose cipher should me in binary.... and the algorithm should include confusion and diffusion concepts.

there's no restriction for language... i can use any language for program!!
and i have 5 weeks to do so...!!
this is my project... hope u have got some idea of the project...!!

i need someone who can help me in writing this encryption algorithm... who can guide me all these 4-5 weeks!!

please help guys!!

firstly... suggest me the best language to write this algorithm... coz i want my algorithm to be strong!!
thanks in advance...

waiting for ur replies
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not a single expert ready to help (guide) me?
comeon mates... im very much in need of ur help!!
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If you do not show people your effort on doing things I really really doubt anybody will take a second look at your query.
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The strength of the algorithm is not dependent on the language you use. All languages can implement both strong and weak encryption.

First you need to decide what algorithm you want to use. We can't guide you on that, except perhaps to suggest you use Google, because we don't know what your requirements are.

What do you want to encrypt? Do you want one-way encryption so it can't be decrypted, or must the stuff be decrypted?

Do you have to come up with your own completely new algorithm or can you use existing ones? Some web sites use 1024-bit RSA encryption: that's pretty strong; can you implement that? A completely new algorthm that you think up is unlikely to be especially strong.