Help using reverse connection in delphi 7

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Hey people, sorry if this is not the right section, but i wanna do delphi now....
since Visual Basic is also has a RAD (Rapid Application Development), including Delphi, i posted this "Delphi" question in the Vb section..Paraphs, if somebody can tell me, how to create a new section for delphi, i can do it..or can sombody plz do it for next time??
thnx .... ...Ok so, basically i wanted to know how to use reverse connection in delhi.

I learned that the TClientSocket goes to the target computers main form and the TServerSocket goes on my Form (The place where i send the commands from) Please correct me if im wrong about were to put these components...thnx

I just don't know how to make the Sockets listen on a specific port or, how do i make it connect, as in to bypass the firewalls or computers that are behind the routers? Please if possable, explain in good detail of what code should go there (in the TClientSocket or the TServerSocket components /Properties of it including the Events)...

Thnaks soo much
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i am using Delphi 7. When the system times out, or if your computer goes to sleep and then comes back up the system gives an error:
" Cannot change Visible in OnShow or OnHide."
Can you please say reason of the error and Solutions